After graduating from high school, Nelson moved to New York City where he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. During his time in Manhattan he worked in various theatre productions, performed improv and stand up. 

23 jobs and 11 sublets later, he moved to Los Angeles and auditioned for The Groundlings Theatre after a friend gave him a class certificate. It became his home for several years, writing sketch, improv and eventually becoming part of the Company where he honed his skill of no-holds-barred comedy and developed the material he would later perform in his live shows and on MADTV, as a series regular for Seasons 5 & 6. 

Since, you may have seen him on such television shows as The Larry Sanders Show, Birds of Prey, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and most recently in films such as Simon Pegg's "Paul", "Mucho Dinero," "The Hunger Games" and, "Catching Fire", as well as an upcoming appearances on "Orange Is The New Black". 

Most recently he is performing and continuing to develop his One-Man show "Identical", which he performed at The Dixon Place in Manahattan. 




Hunger Games: Catching Fire         Flavius                     Dir: Francis Lawrence/Lionsgate
Mucho Dinero                        Mateo                       Dir: Blake Freeman         
The Hunger Games                    Flavius                     Dir: Gary Ross/Lionsgate    

Paul                                Jorge                       Dir: Greg Mottola/Universal 

The Island                          Phone Operator              Dir: Michael Bay/Dream Works    

Boys On The Side                    Bartender                   Dir: Herbert Ross/Alcor Films

Orange Is The New Black               Repairman                  Netflix

Curb Your Enthusiasm                  Room Service Waiter        HBO 
Imperfect Union                       Worker #1                  TBS
Birds Of Prey                         Craig Finn                 WB 
MadTV                                 Series Regular             FOX
Party Girl                            George                     FOX

Seinfeld                              Foto Mat Clerk             NBC

The Larry Sanders Show                Xavier                     HBO

Gabriel's Fire                        Kid                        Lorimar                                                     

Theatre/Los Angeles/New York City


Alien The Family                   Professor Bizamzibot     Sci-Festivl 

The Sunday Show                       Ensemble/Sketch           The Groundlings Theatre

No Concept                            Ensemble/Sketch           The Improv

Unsafe Sketch                         Ensemble/Sketch           Improv Theatre
Straight Up With A Twist              Ensemble/Sketch           The Upfront

Slap In The Face                      Ensemble/Sketch           The Upfront

No Shame                              Ensemble/Sketch           The Upfront

Cross Your Legs                       Ensemble/Sketch           Luna Park

Simpson Street                        Alex                      Nosotros Theatre


Training: New York/Los Angeles

Atlantic Theatre Co.  NYC, Directors Lab with Niel Pepe

American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC, Scene Study
HB Studios, NYC, Acting, Playwrighting 

Victor Villar Hauser, Scene Study, Los Angeles
David Dean Bottrell Los Angeles, Scene Study

Groundlings Theatre Los Angeles, (Sunday Co. Member)


Improvisation, Character Dialects

Writing Sketch 


Proficient in Spanish/Dialects

Home Chef